6 janvier 2020 - 2019 Retrospective

After all the new year wishes, it is time to look back and see what we managed to accomplish last year. Now that all the food is digested and the scale is not hating you anymore, back to the fireplace on a pretty full year.

It started with a new tradition, taking the time with Cloé to look back and select pictures in the previous year to print a really nice hardcover book. You can’t imagine the joy it brings to dive into all the pictures then having them in a paper format.

June marked my fifth year at Heroku, actually Salesforce. A personal record I am quite proud of. That company and the people in it changed my life. I met good friends spread across the globe. I was able to move to France and have a radical change of life and they support me super well for the coming birth.

I did my theorical test for driving and took lessons. I will be driving Edgar pretty soon hopefully. Edgar is our California van. Thanks to that one, we were able to travel differently. Short stays by the ocean, getting back to Belgium or a great trip to Les Pyrénées. We saw Quiberon and its wild coast, we saw Crozon again and Le Conquet. We also started a list of all the lighthouses of Brittany we are seeing.

Did you know that Brittany has the most lighthouses in the world?

Regarding photography, I wrote on this blog, kept practising and met good friends from Captain Yvon. Thanks to them, I was able to do my first Canoe-bivvy night and a first sailing trip. Thanks for the support and your help fellows!

Regarding myself, we are expecting a second child, a little girl that cannot come soon enough! I started mindfulness daily practice again. I bought a Gravel bike to get on the trails and paths around here, D+ still hurts a lot! Small things that bring me a lot of joy. This life in Brittany is perfect for me and we feel so good here, probably the best decision of our life. We cannot wait to continue this life of exploration and bring it to the next level in 2020. Got to leave, I have to pick pictures from 2019, see you soon!