A month of Digital declutter

Less social networks to start the year. As I said, I read Cal Newport’s last book on Digital minimalism and then early yesterday, I read a blog post on the Focus Course on them doing a digital declutter. I was like « Why not » and there it goes, I uninstall Instagram and Twitter from iPad and iPhone. Then install NextDns and block all those pesky attention stealers of social networks.

I am starting a 30 days of « No social network ». We will see how it goes. You can still reach me via Email, I would be happy to chat. I was wondering if there was a way to get Twitter/Instagram DMs as emails. If you know a solution, ping me at hello@yannickschutz.com . If you prefer, ask me my postal address and I will happily start a letter exchange with you. That sounds way more personal and mindful than a quick Twitter DM.

NextDNS app is quite amazing for your privacy but also for your digital health. You can block a lot of things. Right now it is in beta and free but I would happily pay for my peace of mind. You decide what you wanna have access to. You block all the ads trackers. Freedom is a nice alternative but it goes the opposite direction, you block sites from time to time. NextDns is « you allow from time to time ». And that privacy aspect to it is just the perfect mix for me.

I hope you won’t mind if I share more about other topics. If it can make your life 1% better, I am all for it. I have been a long advocate of minimalism, sustainable consumption and mindfulness. But I kind of lacked a healthier digital life, so here it goes. This all makes me a better, kinder human being. If it can help someone else, I don’t see why I should refrain from sharing. Hope you will like it.

Last but not least, when you start a digital declutter, think about the things that will replace the time not spent on social networks. For me:

hand and goals
journal ✧ 16 janvier 2020

2019 Retrospective

After all the new year wishes, it is time to look back and see what we managed to accomplish last year. Now that all the food is digested and the scale is not hating you anymore, back to the fireplace on a pretty full year.

It started with a new tradition, taking the time with Cloé to look back and select pictures in the previous year to print a really nice hardcover book. You can’t imagine the joy it brings to dive into all the pictures then having them in a paper format.

June marked my fifth year at Heroku, actually Salesforce. A personal record I am quite proud of. That company and the people in it changed my life. I met good friends spread across the globe. I was able to move to France and have a radical change of life and they support me super well for the coming birth.

I did my theorical test for driving and took lessons. I will be driving Edgar pretty soon hopefully. Edgar is our California van. Thanks to that one, we were able to travel differently. Short stays by the ocean, getting back to Belgium or a great trip to Les Pyrénées. We saw Quiberon and its wild coast, we saw Crozon again and Le Conquet. We also started a list of all the lighthouses of Brittany we are seeing.

Did you know that Brittany has the most lighthouses in the world?

Regarding photography, I wrote on this blog, kept practising and met good friends from Captain Yvon. Thanks to them, I was able to do my first Canoe-bivvy night and a first sailing trip. Thanks for the support and your help fellows!

Regarding myself, we are expecting a second child, a little girl that cannot come soon enough! I started mindfulness daily practice again. I bought a Gravel bike to get on the trails and paths around here, D+ still hurts a lot! Small things that bring me a lot of joy. This life in Brittany is perfect for me and we feel so good here, probably the best decision of our life. We cannot wait to continue this life of exploration and bring it to the next level in 2020. Got to leave, I have to pick pictures from 2019, see you soon!

journal ✧ 6 janvier 2020

Goals and Amish

Garden's shed

I ended 2019 by reading Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport. This allows me to reflect on my way of using technology pretty well, more specifically that small buzzing thing in my pocket.

I really love the idea to be less addict to that interruption machine, giving my attentiont to other things that this device. Unsure if it is because of the end of the year or something else, but I see a lot of folks and articles going in that direction.

  • That great article on how Amish navigate technology published by Beside. Cal mentions Amishs in his book.
  • The last newsletter from Isaac Johnston. He explains how he uses Instagram and revisits usage. He also mentions Cal Newport’s book. You should subscribe to that one!

Ok, it is only two articles but it is already good! I plan to use and try Freedom to really block a big part of distractions. The easiest to avoid temptation is to block it.

In my slow down move, a lot of the articles I read are from Newsletters and RSS feeds. A bit like 10 years ago… Old is new again. I suggest you to try it. Twitter and Facebook aren’t really great sources for quality content, at least not without good filters! I would love your tips and tricks around this actually!

I really loved 2019 even if it was over too quickly. I cannot wait to see what 2020 has for me. I started to state my goals, see what I wanna continue or stop doing. I wish you all the best and I mean it.

journal ✧ 5 janvier 2020

Hiking around the Ayous lakes

Sheeps, the shepherd dog and beautiful landscapes

It is 6:30 am, time to get to the parking lot. That parking can get full pretty quickly. A guard told us that we needed to be there before 8am if we wanted to get in. We have a full tank and an hour …

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