Hiking around the Ayous lakes

Sheeps, the shepherd dog and beautiful landscapes

It is 6:30 am, time to get to the parking lot. That parking can get full pretty quickly. A guard told us that we needed to be there before 8am if we wanted to get in. We have a full tank and an hour …

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⛰ France ✧ 15 décembre 2019

Spring is here

Vegetable garden and wandering in the Roc'hs

It is already the end of may. Time flies. The garden is alive. The vegetables garden can start again now that the Ice saints are behind us. We cannot wait to eat our own vegetable again. Pierre, our …

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🌱 France ✧ 25 mai 2019

Bivouac & Canoe

A weekend on the Loire

Friday, 9:30AM, I am waiting for Grégory on the parking lot next to a supermarket. Today, I am their hitchhiker. We are leaving for a weekend canoeing the Loire. Their van stops, I jump in, …

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🛶 France ✧ 22 avril 2019

Road Trip in south of Bretagne

Pointe du Raz - Crozon

Time to leave our first base camp for Crozon. We take a small detour for La Pointe du Raz. A quick break at the last supermarket before America for some missing groceries. For our meals, Cloé had the …

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⚓️ France ✧ 19 mars 2019

Road trip in south of Bretagne

Carnac - Quiberon - Etel

We decided we should have a staycation. We wanted to discover our new region. We definitively think about travelling differently, slower. For this time, the plan is Carnac, Quiberon, “La Pointe du …

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⚓️ France ✧ 8 mars 2019

La Palue's beach


We keep discovering new amazing places around Bretagne (Decided to stop translating this one after reading Jack Kerouac saying ‘breton’). We might have seen less than 10% now. We love …

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🌊 France ✧ 8 février 2019


A small beach protected from eyes and wind, better known as Tahiti Beach. Near Carantec, famously known for the castle that inspired the Black Island from Hergé

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🌊 France ✧ 11 septembre 2018